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Other Hakka Mantis

Although, this site is dedicated to the Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Boxing that the Late Sifu Lam Sang taught in the USA, there are other brothers in the same Clan in China, under the banner of the Late Sifu Wong Yook Kong.  The Late Lam and Wong were brothers in China under Ancestor Chung Yel Chong during the 1920's to 40's.  Our site is dedicated to the Late Wong Yook Gong Sifu and his clan.

Kwongsai Mantis in China

Wong Jing Ping School, Hong Kong Wong Yook Gong School, China Elder Lok Wei Ping, China


Hakka Chu Gar Gao Mantis in China


In China, it is said there are three branches of Southern Mantis from one Ancestor, the Monk Som Dot.  Hakka Chu Gar Mantis is one.  For some 37 years, hundreds of people Internationally travelled to Hong Kong to celebrate Cheng Wan Sifu's birthday and the legacy of Chu Gar Praying Mantis Kungfu as passed from Lao Sui to Chu Kwong Hua. Cheng Wan Sifu passed in 2009 at age 86, but his legacy continues.


Iron Ox Praying Mantis in China


Iron Ox is another branch of Southern Mantis found in China.  It is said that a Mr. Choy Tit Ngau pleaded with sincerity to learn the kungfu of Wong Do Yuen and Lee Siem and so the two of them taught him Som Dot's third order of kungfu based on extremely forceful techniques which eventually became known as Iron Ox Praying Mantis. Above images Sifu Xu Men Fei, Pingdi, China. 


Other Hakka Styles in China

Other Hakka Styles in China!The Hakka People are predominant in Southern China and especially the areas where Southern Praying Mantis blossomed and now flourishes.  Many of the Hakka family clans have their own kungfu style, such as Zhang Gar or Li Gar.  And in many cases the Hakka Styles do resemble Southern Praying Mantis, if not in form, certainly in function and principle, such as short rooted stances, explosive spring power and boxing within the space of a lying cow.  Shown left is Chen Sifu, near the East Lake, playing Hakka Li Gar with a heavy hard wood staff that has been passed down more than 100 years in the Li Gar Clan. 






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