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China's Four Jook Lum Temples 

China's Four Jook Lum Temples!

There are four Temples in Jook Lum History:

Complete details on all 4 Jook Lum Temples (videos included) in the China Mantis Survey eBook!   Visit Shanxi in the north and Jiangxi (Kwongsai) in the south of China where Som Dot and Lee Siem Yuen treaded and where in 1917 it took Lee Siem and Chung Yel Chong six months on horse back to return home! 

See what the oldest Bamboo Forest Temple located in Shanxi looks like today!  And visit the bamboo forests of Mt. Dragon Tiger and the mansions of the first Taoist Pope where the "108" Demons were confined into a well.  Hear what the elders at the Macau Bamboo Forest Temple had to say about Lee Siem Yuen and the nuns at Hong Kong's Temple.  Get your copy of the China Survey eBook today!


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