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Youtube Daily Mantis Feed! (Beta Version)

Our Youtube Southern Mantis Video Feed is instantly updated minute by minute daily with ONLY Southern Mantis. Whenever somone posts a new mantis video on Youtube or other video sharing sites, it will instantly appear on our feed as the newest mantis clip. Only Southern Mantis (or videos posted with Southern Mantis tags) will show on our feed. This is a free service provided by the China Mantis Survey. Bookmark the page and use it to regularly check (only) South Mantis on Youtube!

  • Minute by Minute updated Southern Praying Mantis Videos and RSS News!
    If you don't see the mantis news at the bottom of the page - refresh your browser.

  • Check here daily for the latest minute by minute updates from Youtube and other video sharing sites! Sorted by newest uploaded videos!

  • Showing 10 videos per page - use next button to scroll some 50 pages of only Southern Mantis Videos! Back and Next Buttons located after the tenth video down.

  • This Free service brought to you exclusively by the China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey!

  • Use the social bookmarking feature in right column and also click on the related video links for more specific listings.

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Our php script may occasionally display non-related videos and news based on keywords and tags.
This is a beta release for testing and contains most of the major features, but is not yet complete.
Refresh your browser if you don't see the RSS mantis news at the bottom of the page.
Click the link above to open the Daily Feed in a new window.

lick here to check our China Mantis Survey Youtube Channel
And note that Youtube has been shut down here in China since early 2009. Thats why we haven't updated our Channel until now. So, we decided to use a VPN to access youtube and provide you with the Daily Mantis Feed!

RDH: I'm encouraged today after viewing all 49 pages (and growing) of our Youtube Daily Feed - 490+ videos and many of them "new". Southern Mantis needs new blood (no pun intended). Chow Gar (Yip Sui Gar) especially is blossoming and has many students now coming out. And even new videos from China are emerging! Unfortunately, Som Dot's Iron Ox Mantis is closest to being extinct. Lets hope that China's new "Cultural Evolution" will bring it out too!


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