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A Personal Note from RDH, Standing Chairman BTCBA

Although, Master Louie Jack Man and Master Gin Foon Mark are my primary teachers, many seniors and elders contributed to my edification.  I've spent nearly 21 years to date (2011) living in China, Taiwan, Korea and Asia, 44 years in martial arts training and some 36 years in Southern Prarying Mantis. 

During the last 10 years, I have travelled North, South and East China to all locations of Southern Mantis interest resulting in the China Southern Mantis Kungfu Survey in eBook format.  It can never be reproduced and with certainty, Southern Mantis will never be again what it was then. 

As we can observe, one master may have several disciples and although together they practice the same skills under his guidance, the kungfu of each may appear different than the other. The body size, mental attitude, and spiritual disposition of each will individualize his mastery.  One may practice more, one less.  One may practice to develop power, one to develop technique.  And, although the kungfu of each disciple appears slightly different, each learned the same skills from their same Master. 

And so it is with the Kwongsai Jook Lum Instructional DVD programs herein.   They represent the primary teachings of Master Louie Jack Man and Master Gin Foon Mark as I learned them.  Secondarily, they represent my further understanding fostered by my seniors and elders.  Third, they represent my own ability, skill and experience (and my students) at the time of production.

I offer my humble respect to all true brothers, seniors, and elders of the Late Lam Sifu's Pai and Som Dot's Hakka Praying Mantis teaching.  

I opened my first martial art school in the late 1970's teaching Hawiian Kenpo (Kajukenbo). A Few RDH Publications!   Since, I've had schools of various sizes in numerous places the world over and dozens of bouts with dozens of styles that brought blood and broken bones!  (I don't advocate that today!)  

I'm expecting students from the UK, Australia and the USA this year or early next to return to Pingshan Town and I currently teach privately in Hong Kong and China.  Let me know if you are coming and I'll pick you up at the airport!

There is much more contained in the China Survey eBook.  Get your copy.  Don't stop learning.

Remember - "Without a standard to follow, there is no root, without a root the tree cannot blossom."  A false standard breeds a false teaching and art.

Transmit traditional martial art for its cultural value.

And maintain your Brother-Friendships!

I literally have 10x more information that has never been released!  Check back regularly and as time permits I will continue to blossom and share the three branches of Som Dot's Hakka Praying Mantis with you!

And join us today - become a member of the Bamboo Temple Chinese Benevolent Association!   Seek a regular School, Branch or Study Group.  Or start your training by DVD today!

Your correspondence is welcome. 

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Roger D. Hagood
Summer, 2011
Pingshan Town, China


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