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Step by Step DVD Instruction - Kwongsai Mantis!



Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Mantis - Complete Step by Step Instruction
in Nine Volumes


  • Volume One:  Fundamentals;  The Most Important
         This most important film in the series is the beginning and end Start training Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Today!of
    southern mantis training. Beginning with this video will ensure an excellent understanding and the ability to reach a high level of skill...  read these testimonials

  • Volume Two:  Phoenix Eye Fist Attacking / Stepping
         Fundamental training continues on volume two teaching you to form the mantis fist and strike the basic straight punch using various stepping patterns including Return Step, also forming...  read these testimonials

  • Volume Three:  Centerline Defense
         Continuing from Volume Two one learns the shuffle step and half-stepping (forward, back, right, left), double punching, triple punching, and the 3 uses / 5 practices principle; next one learns...  read these testimonials

  • Volume Four:  One, Three & Nine Step Attack / Defense
         Continuing partner training from volume three one now learns target practice to attack the chin and solar plexus as the mor shu, gwak shu, and foun shu defensive hands are used to...  read these testimonials

  • Volume Five:  Centerline Sticky Hand Training
         Continuing from volume four, you now put together the basic target practice of single, double and triple striking with the basic centerline defense skills, mor shu, gwak shu, and choc shu to train offensive...  read these testimonials

  • Volume Six:  Same Hand / Opposite Hand Attacks
         Continuing from volume five, one next practices loosening the 3 hands of the mantis arm with second and third power circling; then the 10 elbow strokes are taught to shorten the...  read these testimonials

  • Volume Seven:  Sai Shu, Sik Shu, Jik (Chun) Shu
         Following volume six you learn to further attack and defend the centerline with more of the eighteen basic skills: Sai Shu, the roller arm (jik-sai; sai-gao; sai-pai); Sik Shu, the eating hand (sik-pai); and Jik Shu straight strike (the most efficient mantis hand; upper-lower; same side-opposite side) . Also taught is...  read these testimonials

  • Volume Eight:  Gow Choy; Hammer Fist / Internal Strengthening
         Continuing from volume seven you now learn the two man internal strengthening methods of four corners; reverse push/pull; 2nd hand/power out; 2nd power in; 2nd power in/out; 3rd power ging inside; 3rd power ging outside; 3rd...  read these testimonials

  • Volume Nine:  Footwork in Southern Praying Mantis
         This informational film, in addition to displaying footage of the Jook Lum Temple in Hong Kong has graphic illustrations of the principles of southern mantis and documents more than twenty footwork patterns including...  read these testimonials

  • UPDATE: 

    Volume Ten:  Chi Sao Mantis Sticky Hands

    NEW!   VOLUME 10:   Chi Sao.   Released October, 2010.

    Volume Ten: Chi Sao teaches trapping skill, Chi Sao Sets One thru Six, Continuous Mor Sao, and Passoffs. Volume 10 also includes footage of training Kwongsai Mantis in a regular school. This Volume 10 has not been posted yet on the site but is available by request. Use the Contact form on the home page or email me if you are interested in the Volume 10: Chi Sao DVD. View video of some of the Volume 10 skills in the Video Gallery.

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Year Three training is available on Step by Step DVD by request.   Prerequisite -
you must have trained Years One and Two.


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Summary of Training:

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