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1958, Seattle Times Newspaper
Lam Sifu (Front Right) and his students were hosted by the Hip Sing Merchant Association.


Search and Prove All Things!

Some have said Lam Sifu taught at the Hip Sing for just a few months, however, as can be seen in this photograph, the Hip Sing was active under his guidance as chief instructor for a number of years before he accepted post at the Chinese Freemason Association circa 1963.  In the mid 90's, with protracted effort, I finally tracked this photo and article down to a Seattle Newspaper.   After their library and archive search, I was able to purchase the photo and subsequently gave copies to my mentors from the Hip Sing who framed and hung it on their walls!  Since then, it has been widely plagiarized to my dismay and the Seattle Newspaper.  (Lam Sifu's Hakka History)  -  RDH

Wednesday, September 10, 1958, From the Seattle Times Newspaper (Photo Above)

Ancient Rituals Performed in Chinatown

Ceremonial dancers performed ancient rituals in Seattle's Chinatown today as delegates gathered for the fortieth (40) annual convention of the Hip Sing Association.  The colorful dance will be repeated for the public from 1 to 5 o'clock tomorrow.  The starting point is the Seattle Branch building of the Association, at Eighth Ave.  The business meetings begin Friday and will continue through Wednesday in the Hip Sing Building. The Association is the largest Chinese fraternal organization in the United States with 25,000 members.  Some 200 delegates will join the convention here.  WY Wong of New York, national president, will be in charge of the meetings.  Joe Locke, Seattle restaurant operator, is national secretary. The Association was organized as a protective tong 90 years ago in San Francisco.  Locke said the the ''tong'' designation was eliminated many years ago. ''Today we are just like any other fraternal group or lodge,'' Locke said.  The convention dinner will be held at 6 o'clock this evening in two restaurants, the Hong Kong Cafe,  507 Maynard Ave, and Little Three Grand Cafe, 664 King St.  Guest speakers include (WA State) Lieut. Gov, John Cherberg and David Levine, acting mayor of Seattle in the absence of Mayor Gordon S. Clinton.  ###

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